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Your partner in real estate education
Rockwell Makes Running a Real Estate School Easy!

With our course management system, course materials, and instructor support, any real estate school can offer an effective, first-class real estate program.

Rockwell prides itself on its customer service and the personal attention we give every client. We want our program to fit your style of doing business!

Call us to find out about our:

  • Quantity discounts
  • Custom covers
  • State supplements for national titles
  • Course management system
  • Online registration system
  • Instructor materials
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Branding With Your Company Logo   Course Management System
We offer a variety of ways to brand our course materials with your company logo:
  • Custom book covers. You can have a custom cover with your school name and logo put on our textbooks.
  • Online course branding.
    • Your logo is prominently displayed in the upper left hand corner of our online course window, so your school will never be out of sight or out of mind.
    • Your students' online course menu can include banner ads written quickly and easily by you, using our handy online tool.
  Rockwell's online courses come with a course management system that makes school administration easy. With our system, you can efficiently accomplish the following tasks:
  • Register students. You can register students directly from our Resource Center, or you can add a link to your website that will take students directly to a registration page, so students can sign up on their own.
  • Student tracking. You'll get a tracking system that allows you to follow the major events in each student's progress, including completing a lesson or passing a final exam.
  • Report generation. You can download complete student rosters into Excel, choosing the data fields that are important to you.
  • Group emailing. Stay in touch with your students by using Rockwell's group emailing tool.

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