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Instructor Resources

Rockwell's courses can be integrated into Canvas!
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Instructor Support:

Teaching has never been easier! As your partner in real estate education, Rockwell Publishing gives you everything you need to provide your students with the quality education they deserve. Our Instructor Resource Center will give you instant access to the following instructor support materials:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Classroom exercises, learning objectives, and lesson plans
  • Quizzes and exams (both standard and custom) with answer keys
  • Update sheets on the release of each new edition

You will also have access to top-notch content and administrative support from our in-house course writers and curriculum director.

Visit our Bookstore and click on any of our products to see samples of its PowerPoints and Instructor Materials.

Distance Education:

Online distance education from Rockwell is in a league of its own. Our comprehensive course management system will allow you to:

  • Create and manage rosters
  • Track student progress
  • Create and export student reports
  • Communicate with students via email, message boards, and file sharing

Your students will love our 508-compliant courses, which have clear, concise content; hundreds of challenging exercises and quizzes; talking tour guides to walk them through the material; and full-color photographs and graphics that bring difficult concepts to life.

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Canvas Integration

Rockwell's courses can be linked to Canvas, allowing students a seamless experience. We're providing entire lessons of content, essentially our entire course, as a third-party tool for Canvas. Once initial setup is done, new Canvas assignments can be linked to Rockwell lessons in just a few clicks.

Rockwell Integrated with Canvas

Example: Rockwell's content displayed within the Canvas Interface. Students navigate Rockwell content, then take the Lesson Cumulative Quiz, which reports a grade back to Canvas, like any other assignment.

Contact us for complete details on integrating Rockwell content with your Canvas platform. We offer step-by-step instructions and are here to help.