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Canvas Integration

Rockwell's courses can now be linked to Canvas, allowing students a seamless experience. We're providing entire lessons of content, essentially our entire course, as a third-party tool for Canvas. Once initial setup is done, new Canvas assignments can be linked to Rockwell lessons in just a few clicks.

Rockwell Integrated with Canvas

Example: Rockwell's content displayed within the Canvas Interface. Students navigate Rockwell content, then take the Lesson Cumulative Quiz, which reports a grade back to Canvas, like any other assignment.

Textbooks, distance education, and instructor support

With Rockwell course materials, you get:

  • Help with the course approval process from our curriculum director
  • Complete sets of instructor materials
  • Up-to-date, clearly-written real estate textbooks and interactive,
    508-compliant online courses
  • Content support from our staff of real estate experts